About Us

Start up design was created to help newcomers to business put their business on the map. Focusing strongly on the construction industry, we understand your time is valuable and want to give you the help you need to set up you business on a professional level.

Our Mission

In website designing, the goal is to create a visual representation that are stunning, almost to a literal point, that is makes page visitors stop and stay. As well as creating a loyal relationship by telling you what you need to get off the ground without spending big money.

Our Vision

We aim to help people in all industries achieve the best from their new business. As a young team we know how to speak to new business owners who may not have the time to knowledge of this side of business. Being from a construction background we understand your needs in the industry and can talk to you about the most affordable solution to set up your new business, or expand on your current business.

Creative design

Mobile-friendly, bespoke, affordable, beautiful website designs using the latest optimisation methods and techniques to promote your business on the internet. Websites created exactly to your specification


Your website visitors will view your website on a variety of different platforms. So we ensure that your website looks its absolute best when being displayed on all devices.

Social Media Management

If you’re looking to increase your audience base, attract new customers and build a loyal following, then social media marketing could be the approach for you.